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Support your patients every step of the way.

Support patients and families considering hospice care.

Choosing a hospice is a difficult decision for patients and their families. With HospiceMatch, you can support patients in their decision by providing them the necessary information and education throughout the process.
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Custom landing page

Claim your own dedicated page, for free.

When you sign up for HospiceMatch, our team will create a branded and custom page representing your facility and its commitment to supporting patients.
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Simplify referrals

Share hospices that meet your care standards.

Streamline patient referrals to the hospices of their choice by sharing the hospices you have worked with in the past.
Facility Verification

Verify your facility on HospiceMatch.

For Care Facilities

Support patients and families considering hospice care.

  • Dedicated page
  • Simplified referrals
  • Verified facility badge
  • Free marketing materials